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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rosie's Rags

Hi im Harmony Peterson designer of Rosie's Rags. Your Probably wondering "what is Rosie's Rags?". Well last summer in 2010 my parents went on a road trip and i was stuck at the house bored except the occasional friend dropping by to say hi! So one of my best friends Kyle and I went to Joanne Fabrics to find something to do. I was in the book section of the store when i came across a book called Creepy Cute Crochet and i thought this looks really fun! so i bought the book and took it home. needless to say crocheting was not a piece of cake at first BUT after a few weeks of gritting my teeth i finally got the hang of it. I started out by making family members random items. the creepy cute crochet book was a little beyond my level of expertise so i never really got to use it til later on. It wasnt until after my mom had went to a fiber festival and taugh me how to needle felt was when i got the idea to make and sell my own items. Problem was i didnt really know where to begin until Kyle told me about this website called Etsy where you can sell your own hand made items. after buying my own shipping supplies, sew on labels with my logo, and having seed money to pay for my space on Esty (20 cents per item for 6 months) i made about 600 dollars in my first month. Eventually i found someone who wanted to sell my items in her shop. Trisha Anne the owner of Sun Kissed in west port washington happily agreed to sell my items in her little salon and that is pretty much how this whole thing began. I am very blessed and am thankful to all my loyal customers!

i created this blog to show off my work and advertise it to new customers enjoy!
to see my work, buy it, ect check out my etsy!
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